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someone is holding a piece of colored paper in their left hand and another piece of tape on the right
Recolored, a new way of recycling
the environmental impact of the clothing industry infographical poster - click to enlarge
The Environmental Impacts of the Clothing Industry
The Environmental Impacts of the Clothing Industry Infographic
a stack of folded clothes sitting on top of each other in front of a white background
Ropas viejas, un asiento
a sculpture made out of different types of paper on a black countertop next to a white wall
Jack Henry
an abstract piece of art sitting on top of a metal stand in front of a white wall
Not strictly fibre art, but I had to share this because it's its too good not to. Look at it! Makes me think of ice cream and summer and everything that's right with the world but also landfill and consumerism and everything that's wrong with the world. Discarded textiles and other found objects encased in cement and resin by Jack Henry.
the words all you need is less are black and white
Lo que necesitas es menos
Blog personal de pequenas cosas. All you need is less.
a pink background with the words dress for the world you want
Join the Fashion Revolution
a blue advertisement with the words fashion is at its best when it's working disruptly
Join the Fashion Revolution
a green background with black and white text that says, over 90 % of workers in the global garment industry have no possibly wages or conditions
Collective Action
a pink poster with the words 60 % of garments are now made from polyester
a yellow background with an image of a paper roll and the words fashion revolution on it
a woman holding up a sign with the words who made my clothes? on it
Ruth MacGilp
a black and white poster with the words 95 % of discarded clothing can be recycled or upcycled
REcycle Your Clothing
#ValorBANDS #ValorWEAR #upcycling #refashion #redeploy #refashion #SustainableFashion www.valorbands.com
a black and white poster with an image of a pair of socks on the bottom
Valuing our clothes: The cost of UK fashion
Caring for your clothes matters more than you may think! #FashionRevolution #ecoliving #greenliving #makeitlast #clothingcare #careforyourclothes