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Darko Jovik

Darko Jovik
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DIY beer line cleaner

I wanted to make a small beer line cleaner for my kegerator. Up to this point, I have been cleaning my beer lines by using an extra cornelius keg that.

How to Price your Creative Work from www.cbizschool.com #productivity

How to Price your Creative Work. Thinking of this more in terms of applying a capitalist frame to your creative work -- not liking the wholesale price and retail price markups, as they encourage capital and slight labor.


technique for delivering a big hop blast that is well-established in the professional brewing world but just recently gaining traction with homebrewers is hop standing or whirlpool hopping. Here's how to start using this method with your homebrews.

Small Moments — Craft Beer Invitation (Octoberfest). To order visit www.smallmoments.bigcartel.com

If you love local craft beers or are having a beer themed party - what better invitation than one that has a funny play on words. Crafting beer is.