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Alp Uzunoğlu
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Phenomenal Blackwork Tattoos by Thomas Eckeard

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Stuart Smythe

Tattoo outlines are awesome. If this skull had a crown and the words 'cabbages and queens' that could totes work.

Really cool art! I love how it shows the human skeleton/essence inside of the wolf outer form, thus showing a werewolf, and how a person is still underneath but the angry, uncontrollable wolf is in control and on the outside.:

I want a tattoo similar to this, at least element wise, but I want the wolf to be a fox and the skull to be a specific female anime character I love.

Done by @grindesign ! In less than two weeks and Rooklet Ink is open!!!! Spread the word! #rookletink #welcometothenest

Another neck piece done during my guestpost at the amazing Being here feels like home. by grindesign