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Che Guevara. Had this exact poster in my room in Delhi. Revolution Che Guevara | Anonymous ART of Revolution

A man who raged against capitalism then reverted back to his mansion at night. I really enjoy Che merchandise. It makes it so much easier to identify and avoid pseudo-intellectual hipsters.

Students involved with Cal U’s American Democracy Project will participate in both the Democratic and Republican conventions this year. Students also will be placed in volunteer fieldwork positions with the party, convention committee, host committee, media and other convention-related organizations and events.

Shepard Fairey Wants You to Remind Friends & Family to Vote: With the impending Election Day 2012 rapidly approaching, typically political and outspoken artist Shepard Fairey has lent his signature style in an i.

La agencia presentó 14 gráficas que muestran cómo sería viajar por el universo y las rarezas que encontraríamos

NASA's space tourism posters will make you want to explore the galaxy. This poster imagines a future day when we have achieved our vision of human exploration of Mars.