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I agree with being coupled with Sagittarians and fellow Aquarians, but i disagree with being coupled with Aries. <<idk about Aries, maybe maybe not, depending on how they act

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This this this, I know it's not the best way to handle things but when I get overwhelmed I shut down.

This is me in a crowd. Restaurants, stores, potlucks where there are too many people and not enough air. Just got to escape!

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There were once two brothers. One named Brain and the other named Heart. This is the story of how Heart went against Brain's wishes. And was locked in a cage. Well, one day Heart met a girl named Love.

To every old soul at heart ...

To every old soul at heart .I've been told i have an old soul and so has my oldest daughter on different occasions

I remember feeling like this..

And now, they still don't know, even though its moved on to anxiety, depression, eating disorder and moooore

Zodiac Aries Facts. Get familiar with your zodiac sign here.

Get familiar with your zodiac sign here.

The love of my life.she wraps it all in beauty

Somebody's everything by Saving Annabel Lee. "Don't cry darling hold me close. Dry your eyes and take my hand. Let's pretend we are off to neverland. You feel like nothing but I see a smile. So until you feel better ill be here for a while. So kiss my cheek and hold my heart. It's never too late for a brand new start. Your somebody's everything sweetheart. And this is that very start." (INO)

it dosnt feel right that I feel like this bevause it changes so much is this normal?xxx (ignore the call me bit)xxx