Words have the power to change us.. This is beautiful!

Omg so the shadowhunters TV show is real and it's going to be on abc family so excited for this been researching it all week can't wait

Clary, Tessa & Emma. Currently reading Lady Midnight and let me tell you that I'm already in love with Julian AHHH

Clary Fray // Tessa Gray // Emma Carstairs // The Infernal Devices // The Mortal Instruments // The Dark Artifices<<so excited for the dark artifacts!

New Infernal Devices covers

The Infernal Devices art - this is amazing, my favorite versions of Will and Tessa, and especially Jem

New Clockwork Prince cover art (TID)

Jem - Clockwork Prince (Shadowhunters, The Infernal Devices, book two) by Cassandra Clare, special edition cover

The Infernal Devices are without pity

snippet for Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare: "The infernal devices are without pity. The infernal devices are without regret. The infernal devices are without number. The infernal devices will never stop coming.

Jessamine Lovelace's Tarot card by Cassandra Jean. The eight of swords, often shown as a prisoner.

Jessamine Lovelace - Eight of Blades: Cassandra Jean: Shadowhunter Tarot Series: *Character belongs to Author Cassandra Clare and her Infernal Devices series

thaleias: “ The Shadowhunter Chronicles Ornaments Featuring silhouetted versions of cassandrajp ‘s art.