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Splatoon2 ストーリーモード イラスト 公式

BREAKING NEWS! We just received details on the single-player mode in Splatoon Is that…Marie? But where’s Callie? It seems the Octarians, the octopi troops, have steadily grown their species, and.

Callie and Marie | Splatoon

aori_(splatoon) bare_shoulders earrings fangs gloves hotaru_(splatoon) jewelry mask mocio mole mole_under_eye object_on_head open_mouth pantyhose pointy_ears siblings splatoon tentacle_hair


absurdres aqua hair ass bike shorts black shorts brown eyes fangs full body highres holding holding weapon inkling japanese clothes long hair looking at viewer looking back octobrush (splatoon) open mouth pointy ears puchiman shirt short sleeves shor

Nintendo's got a cheeky warning for rage quitters

Meet Pearl and Marina from Splatoon newest group 'Off the Hook' - Switch News from Vooks