Платье Gucci

Nice website on pattern making. This cocoon dress could be transformed into a short sleeved coat by shortening the length and made in a light to midweight wool.

A pedido de algumas seguidoras hoje vou publicar o desenho do corpete…

Corpete adelgaçante branco com o desenho da transformação

Corte Foreign diagrama 10745bc43cf4d6f78de89d148a3d2dd5.jpg

Not usually a fan of the butt bow but the architecture of this one is interesting. Link goes to a whole bunch of interesting skirt ideas

The Twisted Petal Sleeve. Gives the look of a band without having to attach one.

Today's sleeve is a twist on a very traditional sleeve, the Petal Sleeve. Since it's a twist, I'm calling this sleeve The Twisted Petal S.