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Native American Indian symbols and their meanings.

I would love to learn more about Petroglyphs and their origins. I would eventually like to categorizes these into their own Culture Region.

How to sew a button, from Sewing Made Simple by Tessa Evelegh. (Some of us need tips!) #MomInc

Sewing a button may seem simple, but there is a method to sewing a button that helps keep it on the garment for a long time and makes it easier to button up with too. How to sew a button, from Sewing Made Simple

Bias Tape Maker is this not amazingly simple? I wonder if there is something wider in my house that I can find to use.

Remove the blade from your craft knife. insert folded fabric and voila, a DIY bias binding tool is created.


DIY 5 Blanket Stitch Variations and Tutorials from coletterie here. I post a lot of DIYs that use blanket stitch from clothing using fleece . - DIY and Crafts

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