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a small village nestled on the side of a mountain
Worst-dressed actress at SAG Awards? - Stiri din judetul Hunedoara
Ardeu, unul dintre sutele de sate transilvane aşezate între dealuri, aproape de munte şi înconjurate de păduri
a red house sitting on top of a lake surrounded by trees in the fall season
Beautiful Autumn in Romania
Beautiful Autumn in Romania
fog is covering the water and trees in the distance, with logs sticking out of the water
Red Lake (Lacu Rosu), Harghita,Romania
a waterfall with moss growing on it in the woods
Most Beautiful Waterfall in the World Bigar Romania.
an old wooden church with a steeple surrounded by cemetery graves and trees in the background
Undeva in Romania...
two people in a small boat on a body of water surrounded by rocks and trees
Topolnita cave, Mehedinti mountains, Romania
two people are walking through a narrow river
Râmeţ Gorges - Apuseni Mountains -Romania Rezervaţia Naturală Cheile Râmeţului - Muntii Apuseni
a waterfall in the middle of some trees
Cascada Cailor - Maramures, Romania
an aerial view of a house surrounded by trees in the mountains with snow on them
First Frost, Carpathian Mountains, Central & Eastern Europe!
a person with a backpack standing in front of a waterfall and looking at the water
Ochiul Beiului România
the rolling hills are full of colorful trees
"Soft Elegance"
Gorj, Romania
the sun shines brightly through the trees and hills
Fundatura Ponorului - Romania
a lake in the middle of mountains surrounded by grass and rocks with clouds above it
Carpathian jewel...
Lacul Capra din Muntii Fagaras - Romania
a waterfall with mossy rocks and trees in the background
Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park in Romania, a magical and enchanted place,
an old cabin in the mountains with snow on it
It's not spring yet ?
Apuseni Mountains, Romania