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Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Someone is praying…Jesus is before the Mercy Seat making intercession on your behalf. Roy Lessin Meet Me In The Meadow

Michael Dudash Not By Bread #MichaelDudash Detail Canvas Signed #Inspirational. I wanted to show the temptation of Christ in a different way. Rather than a flat desert, I chose a lonely spot on a mountain for the first temptation by Satan. It would have been a long, arduous climb to this spot, and Christ would have been hungry and thirsty. His "aloneness" is paramount on the left side of the painting and the glory that is God is represented off to the right.

Michael Dudash Not By Bread Michael Dudash Detail Canvas Signed & Numbered is a limited edtion production that comes with a certificate of authenticity. Your Authorized Michael Dudash Dealer

For anyone who is confused about the fish, the greek word for fish is Icthys, which anagrams in Greek "Iēsous Christos, Theou Yios, Sōtēr" (English: "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior")

Symbol of Church -- Please note that this board is non-denominationally Christian and non-sectarian. Pins that represent one church are not meant to in any way to denigrate any Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant or other Christian Faith.

"Father, the hour has now come for you to honor me as your Son so that I may honor you as my Father. You have put the whole human race under my care and let me give eternal life to all who accept your love.  And this is eternal life, to know you, the only true God, and to accept me, Jesus Christ as your Son. This is the gift I have given them. I have honored you while I lived here, and I have finished the work that you gave me to do.  So make me one with you again in the same way I was,one…

There is an intensity to this painting that draws me in. I try to focus on the Savior and imagine where He is here. My heart reaches out for Him and begs to be of what little aid it can offer. (Painting by Ron DiCianni)