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a tweet that reads, at a wildlife facility i met two crows that said'caw'in a human account they said it like a human reading the word
two screenshots showing different types of insects
the back side of a computer screen with text on it and an image of a black background
The Mares of Diomedes
(1) The Mares of Diomedes : CuratedTumblr
two dogs are playing with each other in front of the door and one dog is sticking its head out
Tiger Cosplay
several birds are flying around on the ground
Katten och räven i Van Turkiet
three different types of cats in their cages
Catopumas are so interesting 2 me bc theres only two species so far in the genus, and its either a very gentle looking asian golden cat very kind looking, round. 10/10 - Thought this was neat - iFunny
Ê seatrench This variant of the Goldentail Bastard Moray is known as the Banana Eel due to its colouration and markings resembling a ripe banana. (source) sorry the what? the what moray scientist: let's call you the... goldentail banana eel: [bites scientist] scientist: Okay motherfucker, new idea: - iFunny :)