Lilith by janellemckain

"Lilith" Collaborative Artwork by Janelle McKain (center oval) & Richard A.

Hyperbole by DanNeamu

It is a huge honor to present to you the newest Exquisite Corpse I made with Bernard Dumaine Bernard started the top half, leaving only 2 in.

THE EYES HAVE IT by janellemckain

This is a collaboration with "Art of the Mystic" Otto Rapp I started on the bottom half, mailed it to Otto in Canada, and he finished the top half from .

Surbion 2 by DanNeamu

Surbion 2 by meshchaninov-vadim

the_6_senses_by_danneamu-dbqyuek.jpg (800×536)

the_6_senses_by_danneamu-dbqyuek.jpg (800×536)

idiosyncratic mckainations by janellemckain

A collaboration with Joe MacGown Janelle McKain completed the right side of the drawing and covered it all up except for a small strip near the center. Joe then finished the left side of the drawing based on the small strip revealed.

Spirit Voices by janellemckain

Exquisite Corpse Collaborations by janellemckain on DeviantArt

The Expression Absent by DanNeamu

It is a huge honor to present to you another Exquisite Corpse with Pinina Podesta I started on the left hand side and Pinina continued on th. The Expression Absent

Lucid Dream by DanNeamu

It is an honor to present to you my first collaboration with Csilla It was in my opinion long overdue and I consider it a success Exquisite c.

surroundings by DanNeamu

colaborari by DanNeamu on DeviantArt

through my fingers by DanNeamu

through my fingers by *DanNeamu and Ana Neamu

Surbion by DanNeamu

"Outcome of the collaborative portrait "Surbion " initiated by Vadim Meschaninov ; Participants: Bernard Dumaine, Dan Neamu, Marcel Bakker, Vadim Meschaninov and Paulo Cunha.( Pencils on paper / 120 x 120 cm)"

Surbion 2 first part by DanNeamu

My participation in Vadim Meschaninov's collaborative project "Surbion Pencils on paper / 54 x cm ( 2015 ) Surbion 2 first part

Ancient Neogothic Eye by CollaborativeCorpse

'Ancient Neogothic Eye' - Exquisite Corpse with Joe MacGown. Graphite on smooth bristol board.

Wrapped surround by Bernardumaine

Russian illustrator Skirill creates masterful, detailed works that could be described as something between the masterful etching and lithograph work o.