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Bill & Melinda Gates 2014 Annual Letter: 3 Myths That Block Progress For The Poor

Waterproof Socks, defiantly a good investment. Would make the wet spring/winter much easier to deal with.

The Waterproof Socks - Hammacher Schlemmer - These are the fleece-lined waterproof socks used by the U. Military that keep feet dry and warm down to temperatures as low as F.

Typhoon from space

Kind of a space bird's eye view of Typhoon Nabi currently churning up the Pacific Ocean on its way to South Korea and Japan---rig for heavy weather!

Rare Black Lion

A rare black lion - except it's not. Even though there is melanism in the animal kingdom there have never been black lions reported. Every picture of a black lion is courtesy of Photoshop.

Pencil Urchin

Pencil Urchin by Reflections-we have 2 Sea Urchins in our tank, they are Amazing to watch:-) They pick up rock, corals etc using their spikes & carry them around on them as if to Hide!