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A Short History of Prince Hall Masonry!

Here is a short history of Prince Hall masonry. A fraternity that went beyond race, religion and many other barriers to become a fraternity recognized worldwide

*GREECE ~ THE TOWER OF THE WINDS: or the Horologion of Andronikos Kyrrhestes is an octagonal Pentelic marble clocktower in the Roman Agora in Plaka Athens that functioned as a horologion or "timepiece". The different winds are represented in relief!

The Temple of Mars Ultor in Rome as it was. It was used for the design of the facade of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C.

Reconstrución do Templo de Mars Ultor. Este templo era o edificio principal do Foro de Augusto. A decisión de construílo foi tomada por Augusto cun voto feito a Marte no ano 42 a. na véspera da batalla de Filipos contra Bruto e Casio, asasinos de César,