Daniel Lamarco New York - Diverse IT Professional

Daniel LaMarco of Melville, New York, is a diverse IT Professional with experience working for big-name companies and a track record of success. From his years with Affinion Group International to his work with the multi-million-dollar startup, JetBlue Airways, LaMarco’s aptitude for all things technology has earned him the respect of his peers.
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11 "Internet of Things" Startups to Watch

11 Hot Internet of Things Startups Internet of Things (IoT) companies are everywhere these days, creating consumer devices and appliances that connect to networks and can send/receive data.

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#DanielLamarco understands the value of a hard day’s work, which he keeps in mind while working for companies in #NewYork.

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#DanielLamarco is an #information #technology executive working for major companies in New York.

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#DanielLaMarco of #Melville, #NewYork, is a seasoned professional.

of is a seasoned professional.

#DanielLaMarco is an IT Executive in #Melville, #NewYork.

Business technology consulting, delivering industry-specific solutions, IT Outsourcing and System Integration services, Software Development Outsourcing

#DanielLaMarco is a #tech specialist in #Melville, New York.

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