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Madrid, Spain. Members of the International Brigades, in or around the university campus, in the western outskirts of the capital. The Fascist rebels were mounting a major offense in order to capture Madrid. By Robert Capa, (November-December 1936)

[Member of the International Brigades behind a barricade, in or around University City, Madrid] November - December Robert Capa.

Steel-clad Rolling Huts designed by Olson Kundig Architects in Manzama, Washington

The steel-clad Rolling Huts designed by Olson Kundig Architects in Manzama, Washington, sit lightly on the land thanks to wheels that allow the tiny residences to "hover" above the site, optimizing views of the landscape. Photo by Derek Pirozzi.

A series of black and white photographs on the world of Shaolin monks, by the photographer Tomasz -------CRAZY!!!

Photo: Tomasz Gudozowaty Oh, don't mind the monks of Shaolin. That one above is just walkin' along the wall, as photographed by award-winning photographer Tomasz Gudozowaty in his photo essay series Shaolin Temple. Visual News has more photos: Link

1954 Aerocar -- The Flying Car for just $1,250,000

The Aerocar was designed by Moulton Taylor in 1949 and only five were ever produced. In order to take flight the Aerocar must be converted into an aircraft with wings that fold forward.