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some stickers that are on the side of a paper sheet with words and pictures
an altered collage with many different things on it, including butterflies and other items
two white birds sitting on top of a table next to candles and some signs that say i think i like when it rains
#cozy #collage #artistic #spooky #rain
a cat sitting on top of a tiled floor next to flowers and butterflies in the sky
#spooky #spookyart #spookygirl #halloween #halloweendecoration #fallwallpaperiphone #fallwallpaper #moon
a collage of various items including a guitar, headphones, and other things
I’ve worked on this for like 3 days 😭
two raccoons wearing witches hats and stars
Magical Raccoons
there is a collage with words and pictures on the side of this wallpaper
black and white poster with words all over it