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someones i don't know where the f k to put my arms
Crush whispers
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a man in a car with the caption when i spell a word right, but it looks wrong
i must be trippin or sum
not mine #whisper #real
a woman wearing a tiara standing next to another woman with flowers on her head
Pretty accurate
a man in a tuxedo with the words i don't like to think before
Emo Style, Bad
My momma didn't raise a fool. A fucking psycho maybe, but no fool.
two men with dreadlocks on their heads and one wearing a pirate hat, the other
conversations in the shower
Hahahahaha Funny Texts, Stupid Funny
a raccoon laying on top of a pile of clothes with the caption i am not good at pushups or sit - ups however i have mastered f
a car parked in front of a gas station at night with the caption that reads, the math books wanted us about you
a man with long hair is looking at the camera and has an interesting quote on it
run up
someone is swimming in the water with an evil face on their head and texting imma just leave this here
Can you spot the difference?
pls don’t repost, have a great day princess <333 #aesthetic #whisper #karma #jojo #coquette
a white dog with brown eyes and a caption that reads, when someone is crying and you don't know what to do u want?
Facts 😂
a woman reading a book with the caption'when ur reading the words but ur not reading the words so u read the words but the words isn '
Woman Hosts Meme-Themed Party, And 23 Guests Understood The Assignment Perfectly