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18x32 Tiny House -- 576 sqft -- PDF Floor Plan -- Model 1E  ~ Great pin! For Oahu architectural design visit

I would add a kitchen in with the living room so as to keep an open floorplan, but other than that, perfect!

Alpine Village Log Cabins       #LogCabin

move the closets to along the living room wall of the bedroom. Extend the kitchen into the lower corner and create a dining penenisula. Expand the bathroom into leftover closet space. Add a back door, deck, and outdoor shower.

Compact Tiny Cottage - 52283WM | 1st Floor Master Suite, Bungalow, CAD Available, Cottage, PDF, Tiny House | Architectural Designs

Tiny living is all the rage these days, but everyone has a slightly different definition of what a tiny home really is. However, if you really want to commit to the lifestyle, try downsizing to a home that& 400 square feet or smaller!