Dan Alexandru

Dan Alexandru

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Dan Alexandru
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Phone Fail

Hello This Is Dog Speaking. Made me laugh so much on the bus to College, everyone thought I had a problem. YES, THIS IS Dog, you aren't allowed to use the phone. It's for humans, your a dog. Dogs Phone what the fuccck

Einstein Fail :))

thank you for your two cents.

Lollipop Fail :))

save a lollipop, suck a dick

Evacuation Fail :))

Funny pictures about Tsunami evacuation plan. Oh, and cool pics about Tsunami evacuation plan. Also, Tsunami evacuation plan photos.

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I didn't realize your love life had it's own channel. View "Breaking News" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

God Fail

god creating making earth just pinch assholes oops comic funny pics pictures pic picture image photo images photos lol

Browser Fail

Internet Explorer the number 1 browser

Husband Fail

"Dear husband, never laugh at your wife's choices. you are one of them!

Life Fail

Wednesday if I'm really careful. story of my life.

Music Fail

This is what cage birds are really telling us.