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a man and woman standing behind a table with plates of food in front of them
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Eğitici ve eğlenceli oyun
Her yaş grubunun oynayabileceği harika bir oyun. Daha fazla bilgi için ziyaret ediniz! #tiktok #etkinlikönerisi #etkinlikkurdu #etkinlikzamanı #etkinlikpaylaşımı #eğitim #çocukgelişimi #oyun #sağlık #shorts #youtube #reels
⭐Trabalhando ritmo e a coordenação motora⭐
📌PROCURANDO RECURSOS PARA EDUCAÇÃO INFANTIL? 📌📚Obtenha recursos pedagógicos PRONTOS para a educação infantil e ensino fundamental ! Basta acessar este pin! Curta ❤️ Comente 🗣️ Salve 🗃️ Compartilhe 📤
FREE Social Emotional Learning Digital Spinner + Printable Conversation Cube! Great for School, Home
Teacahers, School Counselors, Parents! Your students, young ones will love this FREE Getting to Know You Social Emotional Learning Digital Spinner. You can use this spinner for both distance learning and in-person classroom morning meetings, community building, classroom guidance lessons, lunch bunches, small groups, and individual counseling. Comes in Google Slides™, PowerPoint™, and printable versions.
an image of a dragon with a fan in it's mouth and another drawing behind it
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