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Hand Held Pie Packaging  by Zebra paper

The Dieline Awards Fresh Food, Place & Hand Held Pie Packaging Hand Held Pie Packaging by Zebra paper


Typographic Tree by Gordan Young and Why Not Associates. Could be an good idea for the park wayfinding signage.

the way how this font is used is very innovative in how the font actually drips. which makes sense since it says milk. its somewhat comedic and fun for the viewer to see.

lowercase:i like this logo because i love the type face and i it is really easy to read. I love black and white also i think it gives things a real clean look.

Type Worship

Big Yellow Trade Gothic ‘g’ This reminds me of the Ivan Chermayeff 9 in new York (but obviously on a smaller scale) It was created for the Giovane cafe and wine bar in Vancouver. The font was originally designed by Jackson Burke in 1948