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A juvenile wood frog hiding in an empty Horse Chestnut shell; these nuts are only a couple of inches wide. Within this tiny miracle amphibian's brown spotted body is an intricate nervous and digestive system. CREDIT: photo by Simon Roy

A true bookworm understands the struggle of having too many books to read and just not enough time!

Kitty footses are probably the cutest thing I see on a regular sets of four.eight moments of cuteness.walking on my keyboard as I write kjjkshdcf m,. get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

* * " I luvs to hunt, except in winter. Tracks a total give-away ands my tail could get frozen and snap off ! God forbid. Dat's when I stay inside and hibernate."

autumndreaming: Need a little NOW. Kthxbye-- This is a beautiful black cat walking along a fallen tree log. The autumn background with the black cat, gives this photo a real Halloween feel.