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someone is working on something that looks like pearls
😲 Superb border embroidery with blue dress! #shorts #embroidery #trending #cute #art #viral #easy
Adorei esse método super facinho para se fazer rosas artificiais de papel. 🤩
instructions for how to make a bow with ribbon and satin ribbons in the shape of flowers
three pieces of felt with hearts and flowers on them, one has a pearl bead in the middle
some paper flowers are sitting on the ground
45 DIY Christmas Garlands to Drape Your Home in Holiday Cheer
an embroidered heart with pink flowers on it
Floral Heart Wreath || Embroidery For Beginners - Let’s Explore
someone is stitching flowers on a blue cloth with pink and green leaves, which are embroidered onto the fabric
"Easy Hand Embroidery Patterns for Pastel Outfits | Step-by-Step Tutorial"
a close up of a piece of cloth with embroidered flowers on it and the letter c
Enhance Your Skills with Satin Stitch Embroidery - Letter Embroidery Satin stitch
an embroidered piece with flowers and leaves on it
Dimensional Embroidery Delicate bouguet of Flowers