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I got: 30 out of 30!  - Which kpop boy group do they belong to? part 2

Just take a look at Hobies, Taes, Sugas and Jins hairs haha xD I love slowmotion af

Hahaha jungkook ❤️❤️ I don't know why but somehow his reaction making me laughing and I can't stop ❤️ Love ya kookie ❤️

Jungkook is so cute and confident in performances, but when the baby's around girls, I can't stop laughing.

Convert video to animated GIF

Jungkook, is yoongi THAT bad at cooking that you have to physically pull him away from the kitchen

I got: 13 Right! - Which kpop boy group do they belong to?

And here we have 2 hyungs jumping like complete pabos. We also have a sassy chim chim and leadernim doing their signature dance of their people. There is 2 gorgeous maknaes doing the tree of life from EXO. And lastly we have a suga