’ Surrounded by flowering fruit trees and roofed by traditional wooden boards the houses of Sîrbi are tucked away in the idyllic Cosau valley Romania. (by Mick Palarczyk)

Madamoiselle Pogany by Constantin Brancusi

Constantin Brancusi – Madamoiselle Pogany, 1913 version of one of his most celebrated works, “Mademoiselle Pogany"

Alina Cojocaru

strechanadi: “ laceribbonsandpirouettes: “ Alina Cojocaru as the Sugarplum Fairy ” Alina Cojocaru, Johan Kobborg Nutcracker ”

Romanian scholar of comparative religion, Mircea Eliade.

About Mircea Eliade: Romanian-born historian of religion, fiction writer, philosopher, professor at the University of Chicago, and one of the pre-eminent.

Constantin Brâncuşi

Edward Steichen Portrait of Constantin Brâncuşi Taken at Steichen's home studio at Voulangis 1922