Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania I'm putting this one in Color Splash because of the mosaic work, which is fabulous. I've seen mosaic pools very similar to this which look phenomenal. Tedious, but well worth it.

Timisoara, Romania #Timisoara is one of the largest #RomanianCities and capital of the county #Timis

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Timisoara, Romania Timisoara is one of the largest RomanianCities and capital of the county Timis:

Timisoara, Romania

Romania Travel Inspiration - Timisoara, Romania - Pretty grey city in the winter, but I bet it rocks in summer!

The #House with Lions used to be one of the high society focal points in #Constanta, #Romania.

The House with Lions, Constanta, RO - Blending pre-Romantic and Genovese architectural styles, this late century building features four columns adorned with imposing sculptured lions. During the its elegant salons hosted the Constanta Masonic Lodge.

Chindiei Tower (The Tower of Dawn), Targoviste. This tower was originally used as an early warning system. It is placed in a location with high visibility over the surrounding areas and it's role was to warn the city of Targoviste of impending invasions.

The most beautiful pictures of Romania: Chindia Tower, Targoviste Romania

Pasajul Scarilor Sibiu by Adriana Zot - Summer in Romania Photo Contest

The medieval passage of stairs, Sibiu, European Capital of Culture in Romania.

Deva City, #Romania. Photo © Iovan Darius

I remember a day of heavy flooding rain On the Street while the sidewalk stayed dry.

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