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"Illuminati" / tattoo idea creeeepy but cool lol @Jeannie Choi Choi Choi Choi Cochran- Masters

death art Black and White Cool white Typography Awesome black Grunge dark satan goth 666 devil pastel goth inverted cross

Scottish Rite: That which virtue unites, death cannot separate.

The double-headed eagle is one of the most ancient and prominent symbol of Freemasonry. A crowned double headed eagle is representative of the degree of Freemasonry, the highest degree attainable.

Freemasonry Chart - Structure of Freemasonry

The word Freemasonry is a set of very different historical and social phenomena forming a space of sociability that recruits its members by cooptation and practice initiation rites referring to a secret Masonic and the art of building.

Illuminati: Keep the sun and moon in mind; almost every new song brings reference to these two. FYI: A lot of people pin this picture through ignorance because they like the design or symbols, not knowing its meaning in Secret Societies