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Damaris Lupulesc

Damaris Lupulesc
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FAQ: What are Aquarius Birthstones? – Aquarius Birthstones are rock crystal and blue topaz. What are Aquarius birthstone colors?

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Given more respect than was ever deserved and now I am done with that mess! You hear that ex that shall not be named. You shouldn't have mess up so many times. You should have just realized what you had when you had it. You don't deserve me.

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Aquarius- True- it comes with being observant and overthinking. I often think deeper than someone probably meant- or wanted me to

This is pretty accurate!

This is EXACTLY who I am! Every Single Word of it! I swear it's like it was written for me!

Soooo true! It's a form of self-restraint, actually. If we are deathly quiet... Please for the Love of all that is Holy, do not PESTER

use the silent treatment because they know when they're mad, they can say very, very, mean, ruthless things. Unfortunately it's so true. That is why I have a sore tongue from biting it. Once it's spoken it can never be forgotten.