Watch How to Photo Transfer in the Better Homes and Gardens Video

Photo Transfer in 5 Steps

Photo Transfer Basics Video - Add a new skill to your DIY bucket with our quick photo transfer tutorial. We'll show you easy photo transfer techniques to embellish canvas surfaces.


House Tour

#garden gorgeous...  while this is shown in someone's backyard, this definitely could be done in your front yard if you have a large tree..... usually it seems like most houses do.... then you could buy (or build if you are inclined to do it) a round garden seat for the tree and then place some potted flowers on it the seat as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dream Decks

Arch with Rosa 'Adélaide d'Orléans', wooden bench around tree (Aunt Shirley had a tree bench like this in Delta)

A striking blue wall highlights the line of the stairs. Photographer: Robert Holden | Elle Decor Italia December 2012

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Photo: Robert Holden - Elle Decor Italia Dicembre 2012 - loving the teal wall

Loft space

Modern living, home design ideas, inspiration, and advice.

Tiny House Design Garden Pavilion in Seattle.So Much Light and very Modern!

Ah yes, I see a ladder rail. No one has to scale a wall. Home decor design ideas - Home and Garden Design Idea's

LOVE the floor-to-ceiling shelves! Probably infeasible in a rental, but I like the floor-to-ceiling idea in general

This has to be the easiest way to build a bench we've ever seen. Just make sure to secure the back rest with concrete glue.

The Cool Thing People Are Doing With Cinder Blocks in Their Backyards

Cinder Block Bench: This has to be the easiest way to build a bench we've ever seen. Just make sure to secure the backrest with concrete glue. Click through to find more DIY garden ideas to use cinder blocks in your backyard.

Creative Decor for Cats

CatCase Cat Tree Design With Book Shelves, DIY Modern Cat Furniture///Store books and let your cat be a cat.

lazy day

that hammock over the water.heaven Tropical Retreat in Maldives: Reethi Rah Resort

the light!

Vaulted ceiling with a loft bed space built in. Add a bookshelf and a window to curl up close to and stare out of and I'm sold. Great way for a small space to be made useful & cozy.