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I think this is what my trainer is trying to show me, to use outside rein & leg to turn the horse's whole shoulder & body to a circle to the inside. I tend to do "B" which only turns his head.

This is a good illustration for explaining flexion in the turn through the horse's whole body rayer than just his neck. Helps prevent the horse from dropping the inside shoulder by supporting him with the outside rein and leg


A gallery of barns and other agricultural buildings. post and beam construction, mortise and tenon joinery, luxury horse stables and solid wood timbers.

Как утеплить кровлю правильно

Как утеплить кровлю правильно

Watertight window flashing

Q: When installing new windows, I believe it is considered good practice to allow the head flashing above the window trim to overhang a little bit on each side.