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a yellow background with the words why is it annoying to eat next to basketball players?
105 Short Jokes Anyone Can Remember
a deer with its mouth open showing teeth and the words, why did the deer get braces? he had buck teeth
50 Deer Puns That Make the Heart Grow Fawn’der
a frog sitting on top of a toaster next to a cartoon character with the words how do frogs make breakfast?
an orange background with a cartoon character and a bee saying q why do bees have sticky hair? a because they use honey combs
Nickelodeon Parents
an old photo with the caption question if you mixed vodka with orange juice and milk of magesia, would you get a phillips screwdriver?
X. It’s what’s happening
a blue background with the words, why did the picture go to jail? because it was framed
85 Corny Jokes Everyone Will Laugh at to Celebrate National Tell a Joke Day
a cartoon hippo laying down with the caption, q what are prehistic monsters called when they sleep?
How to be silly, when you're not - Courtney DeFeo
an orange background with the words, what did one hat say to the other? you wait here i'll go on a head
105 Short Jokes Anyone Can Remember
a rock with the words work written on it
18 Jokes That Will Definitely Make You Groan
a lion on a rope with the caption why did the lion eat the tightrope walker? he wanted a well balanced meal