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The top half is a waffle cone sitting upright in a glass jar with two scoops of lemon sorbet on top. The bottom half is a measuring cup holding lemon juice with lemons scattered around it.
Lemon Sorbet
a yellow car parked on top of a grass covered field next to other cars in the background
Flickriver: Chad Horwedel's photos tagged with bug
Pikachu Beetle! I would so custom my car to look like this. (And yes, I would get a yellow VW Beetle!)
an old newspaper article with the words i twelve steps to follow for raising kids
Choosing Your Battles - Tools for Raising Challenging Kids
a woman holding her hand to her face with the words dear teenagers written on it
Dear Teenagers, Not everyone is going to like you. You won't always be included. You won't always in. You won't always be invited. And, that's okay. Don't waste your time wondering why er trying to convince people 'to appreciate you or see your value. Focus on being a good person and being the best you can be. Don't waste your time proving it to people who don't matter. Just move an and find a tribe that accepts and appreciates you for who you are. Raising Teens Today ers, - America’s best pics and videos
a newspaper article with an image of a woman's face on the front page
The most important family member...
a piece of paper with the words if i had my child to raise over again
an open book sitting on top of sand with the words summer reading for moms
Summer reading for moms
Summer reading for moms
the importance of family rituals is one you can start today and it's important
You searched for Ritual - Rock it Mama
the 25 positive things to say to your child
Build Confidence! 55 Positive Things To Say To Your Child - Beenke