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I know it's just a drawing, but if it was my wedding, I'd love to dress like the girl on the left but if I was a genetic male I would settle for the skirt with tux combo

i want to do this to someone someday. just take them up in my arms and just kiss them

konnichina: “ One of Chinese manga artist 坛九tanjiu laoshi’s masterpieces, a story of two lesbian lovers which is still in planning. The names have just been released yesterday as 秋瞳(blonde) and.

Again, not a Destial fan but....you guys do come up with some cute stuff :) DIBS!

Again, not a Destial fan but.you guys do come up with some cute stuff :) DIBS!<<<Well, a lot of people don't know that was me, I had a deep voice because I was drinking/fangirling/yelling "Dibs".<<< You and me and Cas.

I was all happy and all awwww like and this it was sad

A wonderful look at Destiel. I'm open to most shipping.just seem to only see Destiel.<< I don't ship it but this is too fucking cute

That's soooo cute

castiel-left-his-mark-on-me: “ fallenfromfreewill: “ When I say that my husband is drawing me something fantastic, I mean it. This is the greatest thing that righteoustoafault has ever drawn and I may.