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♛ ღ ๔๏llŦเєร ๔๏llร ♛ ღ :333 ^*^ Dolls, Harajuku, Ooak Dolls, Real Doll, Dollies, Doll Accessories, Dolly, Bjd Dolls
♛ ღ ๔๏llŦเєร ๔๏llร ♛ ღ :333 ^*^
a mannequin wearing a black hat and necklace
What Is a Ball Jointed Doll - Baby Doll Zone
Dolls † (BJD) Ball-jointed Doll
a doll with white hair and green eyes wearing a black hat, jacket and scarf
hiritai User Profile | DeviantArt
It's been awhile by *hiritai on deviantART omg love this doll and especially envious of his green eyes! <3 /swoon
a doll with blonde hair wearing a hoodie and black shirt, posing for the camera
three people with weird hair and makeup standing next to each other
Tumblr:elfgutz #bjd
a close up of a doll wearing a hat
Art doll
a close up of a person with blue hair and piercings on their ears wearing makeup
two mannequins dressed in costumes are hugging each other
⭐️エルフガツ⭐️ Inspiration, Kawaii Chan, Slinky, Doll Core, Cute Beauty, Harajuku Decora Kei
a woman with blue hair and makeup holding her hand up to her face while wearing a red vest
Elfgutz Mortimer
a doll with blue hair wearing a black hat and earphones on it's head
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#balljointeddoll - DeviantArt
a doll sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white and black wall
elfgutz dolls - Pesquisa Google