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German Apple Cake. This is delicious, I have made it a few times. Not sure if it is the same recipe or not but I am sure it is just as good.

German Apple Cake _ The recipe came from my baking friend Janeen's 90 year old Mother! A dessert that comes from years & years of tried & true baking with love in a Mother's kitchen! Don't you love a moist, comforting dessert?

Never give up the fight! #NeedHope? Talk to a HopeCoach 24/7 at #NeverGiveUp

Don't give up on it- once you know what you want - go for up! Never give up. Fight for what will make your heart sing. Even sometime we have things that make us happy but we cant fight for it.

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I try to be strong. Sometimes though I cant handle it. Sometimes I have to remember that Im just a man. A man with feelings . I need to cry , i need to allow sadness . Then I wipe tears away and get back up, and keep going strong.