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Carmen Cristina

Carmen Cristina
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More patterns for scoring different bread. They can be cut in many different ways to create interesting designs when baked. I could use these patterns in my work.

Here& a question for you bread bakers. Do you slash the top of your loaf before baking? Sometimes I do but I am never sure where or how t.

How To Adapt Any Recipe To Become A Sourdough Recipe

Have a favorite recipe for quick bread or one using baking yeast? The good news is you can adapt recipes, to use your sourdough starter.

rustic sourdough noodles for using up that "cup of starter" that you need to decant out...

Rustic Sourdough Noodles - uses sourdough starter - ferment 8 hours. if using pasta machine remember to flour both sides of pasta and dry if not cooking immediately.

Sourdough Sugar Cookies Recipe, What's Cooking America

Sourdough sugar cookies are a delightful cookie and a great use of your friendship starter. For variety, add chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, or nuts.

Cinnamon Sugar Sourdough Doughnuts - Absolutely amazing!  Made these this afternoon and will make them again...and again....

Cinnamon Sugar Sourdough Doughnuts - Sourdough gives these donuts an extra depth of flavor and balances with the baking powder for a texture that is somewhere between cake donuts and yeast ones