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a pair of blue and white flowered earrings being worked on by a person with scissors
hese are the one of my favorite floral designs that I made. I enjoy so much in creating unique and one of a kind pieces. 💙💙💙 . . . . . .
a black heart shaped pendant with pink flowers and green leaves on it's side
40 Awesome and Easy Clay Project for Beginners – Buzz16
40 Awesome and Easy Clay Project for Beginners - Buzz 2018
a button with flowers on it sitting next to a green pillow
Магазин мастера Ольга
Брошь из полимерной глины ландыши
a person holding two rings with pink flowers on them and green leaves in the middle
Interview about polymer clay jewelry with embroidery / applique technique
cammeo in tecnica applique / Polymer clay tutorial cabochon with Applique Technique - YouTube
there are many small flowers on the buttons in this photo, and they look like they have been made out of plastic
Humpty Dumpty
three small white flowers with green leaves and red string attached to the back of each flower
a bouquet of white tulips on top of a gray card with an umbrella
Композиция с подснежниками
Приветствую вас, дорогие читатели и гости моего блога! Показываю здесь работы не так часто, как мне бы хотелось, но это, согласитесь, лу...
a ceramic ornament with green leaves and white flowers on a gray surface next to twine of red and white baker's twine
some cookies are decorated with flowers on them and tied to strings in the shape of hearts