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Gallery of Single family House - Tolstoi str. / Outline Architecture Office - 53

Image 53 of 70 from gallery of Single family House - Tolstoi str. Photograph by Sorin Diaconescu

Gallery - RSC Residence / Jacobsen Arquitetura - 1

Built by Jacobsen Arquitetura in Porto Feliz, Brazil with date Images by Leonardo Finotti. The topographic model of the site was crucial to address the siting of this house. Access is at the highest level and.

Gallery - A Single Family House / Christian von Düring - 1

The Bridge House by Christian von Düring, photo: © Thomas Jantscher The challenge of this project was to integrate a large program on a relatively narrow

Gallery - KA House / IDIN Architects - 1

Built by IDIN Architects in Pak Chong, Thailand with date Images by Ketsiree Wongwan . KA House is a vacation home for a couple, who enjoy outdoor activities and spending their relaxing time in a grand co.