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Keeping backyard chickens is an enjoyable hobby and provides you with fresh eggs every day. To keep your new flock safe from predators and out of the elements, you will need to provide them a chicken coop.

'One of my friends just shared this photo on my private page..  A chicken tunnel..!!  I love the idea..!  Your thoughts...?  -  Yvette (p.s. we would like to credit Leslie Wray Doyle for this photo which has been circulating around the internet without any credit given.)'

chickens in their DIY chicken tunnel. We live in a residential area, so to keep the chickens protected from hawks, dogs and other predators (and to keep them out of our neighbor's yard) we hook up their portable play-pen to the run and let them range.

What a brilliant feed bin idea!!! No scrapping around and wasted feed on the floor and the feed would be kept dry in the rain (Ps not my photo)

Building a Chicken Coop - Brilliant feed bin idea. No scrapping around or wasted feed on the floor. And the feed stays dry in the rain. Building a chicken coop does not have to be tricky nor does it have to set you back a ton of scratch.

We love these DIY Tire dust baths, and I'm sure your girls will too! http://www.backyardchickencoops.com.au/dust-bathing-an-all-important-ritual

DIY recycled tire for chicken dust bath. Mix equals amounts of wood ash, builder’s sand soil, food grade diatomaceous earth. Also love the idea of using tires.

PVC Chicken Feeder  http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/i2p7  Here's a chicken feeder that's easy to fill, hard to spill, safe from non-chicken life forms, weather resistant, easy to make, and inexpensive!

PVC Chicken Feeder - Here's a chicken feeder that's easy to fill, hard to spill, safe from non-chicken life forms, weather resistant, easy to make and inexpensive!

Easy PVC no spill chicken feeder. No more losing feed to chickens tossing their feed. Updated to include a little hack to prevent even more feed waste.

Get the Right Chicken Feeder for Your Flock Keeping chickens, ducks and turkeys is a very rewarding hobby, If you have any of them I know that I am not telling you

15 More Awesome Chicken Coop Designs and Ideas | Cool DIY Homesteading Projects by Pioneer Settler at http://pioneersettler.com/15-awesome-chicken-coop-ideas-designs/

How To Build An Inexpensive Chicken Coop theownerbuilderne. Keep your chooks safe from predatory animals and get free eggs in return with this chicken coop you can build right in your backyard.

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