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9 reasons why you need to go to church, and why the church needs you.

9 Reasons You Need To Go To Church and Why the Church Needs You- a helpful guide to read and send to your friends who are believing Christians but who do not attend church regularly. Reasons to go to church.

Encouraging Word Bible Verse of the Day klove.cta.gs/00d

What a wonderful feeling to be able to trust in God! Read the Bible verse of the day and have it emailed to you - Positive Encouraging K-LOVE

This took a while for me to realize. But, he has brought me to this Revelation. It's hard to do but it's Soo worth it!

Oh Lord God help me! Oh how I fail in my relationship with God and I am not proud of it at all:/ it makes me feel very ashamed:/ oh God help me I need there is gonna be a change in me cuz I'm gonna start letting God have control of ALL I

Science now says what the bible has been saying all along.

Scripture ~ Science confirms the Bible. The bible assertions remained constant while science waffled back and forth, eventually confirming the Bible.

Note to self. GOD IS ENOUGH. knowing and believing this will help me to press on and hold on to Him regardless of what I face. He is enough and His grace is sufficient!

Isaiah 43:2

Isaiah - God will carry you through the storm. No matter our troubles, our weaknesses, our doubts, Our Father will always carry His children.