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the master plan for an urban park
Lumion 8.5 pro Architecture Animation | Lumion 8.5 pro Animation
three street lights with the words bad, better, and light bulbs in front of them
Night Sky Lighting
Public Lighting to preserve night sky
an info sheet describing the different types of houses and how they are used to build them
Irvine discourages crime by design
DISCOURAGING CRIME BY DESIGN | Irvine, crime, design - News - The Orange County Register Infographic by Scott Brown environmental design and survelliance, neighborhood
the floor plan for an office building
# ARCHITECTURAL THEORIES /// The Modernist Ideology of a Normative Body
space usage dimensions
three different views of an object on top of a table
Membrane Structure CSE- Sabah Shawkat, Richard Schlesinger Student- Peter Galdík