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Cantaloup basket fruit salad recipe

Cantaloup basket fruit salad Difficulty: Medium Time: Ingredients: cantaloup/yellow cherries red currants apricots kiwi tangerine -rum essence or.

Kiev chicken recipe

Kiev chicken Difficulty: Low Time: Ingredients: chicken breast(remove all the bones) butter -parsley garlic cloves -salt&pepper eggs -white flower -bread crumbs -sunflower/olive.

Pineapple skewers recipe

Pineapple skewers Difficulty: Low Time: Ingredients: fresh pineapple piece rum melted butter(do not use margarine) -grated ginger,nutmeg and cinnamon -granulated sugar -skewer.

Vegetables borsch recipe

Vegetables borsch recipe Low card sub potatoes for cauliflower. Maybe add browned sausage

Teriyaki with beef and broccoli recipe

Mesés húsos ragu zöldségekkel – ínyenc finomság, amit te is el tudsz készíteni!

Chilli Soup recipe

Chilli Soup Difficulty: Low Time: Ingredients: -minced beef red pepper onion -beans -chilli powder -chilli peppers -green celery -tomato broth/paste -water or normal soup -olive oil Cooking.

Healthy fruity Ice cream alternative

Healthy fruity Ice cream alternative Difficulty: Low Time: Ingredients: of frozen cherries,berries,strawberries.

Tomatoes and cheese iceberg salad

Tomatoes and cheese iceberg salad Difficulty: Low Time: Ingredients: iceberg salad cucumber cherry tomatoes -Telemea cheese or your favorite cow milk cheese hand of olive(remove.

Fruity hedgehog recipe

Fruity hedgehog Difficulty: Low Time: Ingredients: small watermelon -apricots -grapes -pears -peaches -skewer sticks -toothpicks Cooking method: -Wash all the fruits.Cut the watermelon in.

Mosaic cake recipe

Mosaic cake Difficulty: Low Time: Ingredients: pack of margarine/butter ggs sugar small pack of baking powder tablespoon of ammonia(diluted in milk) white flower