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a house made out of shipping containers on the beach
Two-storey Small Container House
Turn your dream into reality and build your own low cost shipping container home. Get access to the full guide and plans to make it happen. Find out more on our website by clicking the link above.. Video Credit: BerginHouse (on TikTok)
three pictures of the inside and outside of a shipping container with windows on each side
Need extra room? Rent a backyard shipping container! - The Interiors Addict
Modèle aménagement int
a small pool house in the middle of a yard with lounge chairs and an outdoor kitchen
Container chic in the woods—pool included!
a small black shed sitting on top of a lush green field next to a wooden bench
Welcoming Backyard Design Charm
Step into a welcoming backyard design charm with this tiny house, complete with a front porch that invites you to unwind. Experience the perfect fusion of indoor comfort and outdoor allure. Tiny Houses With Front Porch. Click the article for more ideas!
two men are standing on the roof of a shipping container house that is being built
Transforming A 40-Foot Container: A Modern Home In 320 Sq Ft
Transforming a 40-Foot Container1
a tiny house made out of shipping containers with plants on the front and stairs leading up to it
two small houses built into the side of a hill, one is made out of shipping containers
The Making of Container house
two pictures showing different types of buildings in the same area, one is made out of shipping
Modern Shipping Container Homes Style Meets Function interior design drawings
Microhouses produced by Vital Camp GmbH