Gustav Klimt

I finally almost love one of his works! This is splendid! ~M //Gustav Klimt. One of his landscapes, which sold very well even in his lifetime! Less challenging to the populace than many of his other works!

Idée de brico avec Mini bouteille

Unique Gift Mini Glass Bottle Studio Ghibli Soot Dirt Ball Soot Sprite, would also work for Dust bunnies

Christmas Yeti Art Print - wonderful art from one of my favorite children's artists, Zac Retz. Hire this guy! :D

The Christmas Yeti made sure that all the creatures of the snowladen mountains got their ligths to warm the winters nights. Zac Retz Art - Christmas Yeti, done for American Booksellers Foundation.

I'd love this in my backyard!

My Neighbour Totoro, Totoro - Because no one can cosplay the spirit of the forest like a tree.