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a woman standing in front of an art installation with multiple colored images on the wall
A Video Installation Highlights How the West is Running out of Water
Xiaomi revoluciona Barcelona #leddream
Street Installation, Festival Of Lights, Festival Of Light, Festival Lights, Light Festival, Park Lighting Design, Music Activation Ideas, Festival, Event Decor
Vivid Sydney, A Festival of Light Art, Music, and Ideas
there are many pink and orange objects in this alley way that look like they have been made out of sticks
Passages Insolites (Unusual Passages): Public Art Festival in Quebec City
The Unusual Passages – Outdoor Art in Quebec City
a blue sculpture in the middle of a garden
Winners 2018 | Archiproducts Design Awards
an image of a blue and yellow tunnel
Stand Out Quirky Exhibition Stands And Booths | Solopress
the tunnel is lit up with blue lights and red numbers on it's sides
O que fazer em Buenos Aires: Top 20 pontos turísticos para visitar
O túnel do tempo no Museo River, do time de futebol River Plate. Na foto vemos um corredor bem escuro, na cor azul. Vários anos são vistos no chão, na cor laranja. Ao fundo, aros laranjas criam um outro túnel mais baixo. O teto está cheio de luzes azuis como se fossem estrelas.
Amsterdam Light Festival Amstel _ Nieuwe Herengracht in Amsterdam
immersive experience design, roots, spatial room, immersive, networking Ideas, Wald, Kunst, Lilt, Event, Unix, Speck
Find Roots Immersive Experience Room