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someone is holding up a piece of bread that has been grilled on the grill
Sărățele crocante cu brânză
Sărățele crocante cu brânză, saratele, aperitive, aluaturi , bvranza, hai sa gatim, amalia
a hand holding a blue bowl filled with donuts on top of a lush green field
Covrigei cu telemea.
two trays filled with yellow cookies on top of a table
Cornulete aperitiv
2 rolls of puff pastry, cheese spread, slices of cheese and ham. brush the top of the dough with an egg :)
bread sticks are lined up on a baking sheet
Sărățele cu untură
2h 10m
doughnuts on a cutting board ready to be baked in the oven for consumption
Papanasi. Reteta traditionala Papanasi. Reteta traditionala - Rețete Fel de Fel
there are many pieces of bread on the tray
Rulouri cu crema de vanilie
bread sticks with sesame seeds on a cutting board
Cornulete sarate cu branza telemea - Ciocolata cu Zambete
Cornulete sarate cu branza telemea - Ciocolata cu Zambete
there are many pieces of food on the baking sheet
Sărățele cu smântână, brânză, unt sau untură - saleuri foietate pătrate, fragede și rapide
mini pogacele cu branza saratele foietate cu smantana
a white plate topped with meat and potatoes next to a lemon wedge on top of a table
Τ - Μπριζόλες χοιρινές με πατάτες φούρνου
the food is prepared and ready to be cooked in the wok on the stove
Cuscus (in franceza couscous, in araba كسكس, in berbera seksu), este o mancare originara din Africa de Nord si Sicilia Occidentala. Cuscusul este constituit din grauncioare de gris cu diametrul de …
there are several pieces of food in the pan on the table together, including ham and cheese
Chec aperitiv fără aluat. Preparatul delicios pe care să-l pregătești rapid dimineața
some food is being cooked in a pan on the stove and ready to be eaten
Ciuperci pane umplute - Diva in Bucatarie
CIUPERCI PANE UMPLUTE | Diva in bucatarie