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DIY art project idea - colorful paint scrape notecards

This DIY art project idea is really easy, so much fun, and makes beautifully colored notecards. You just need a few simple supplies you may already have!

Make your own pretty paper geode garland for your home, party or celebration. Pattern and tutorial by handcrafted lifestyle expert Lia Griffith.

Make your own DIY Valentine decorations using this cute airplane garland pattern and selection of pastel colored papers. Pattern by Lia Griffith.

I've been living in my apartment since September, and while I love the layout, the size of my room, the porch, my roommate, practically ev...

let students paint paper with watercolors, wet on wet, similar colors. Let dry and cut into triangles. Students pick triangles and glue down randomly, leaving white around each one. Maybe try with black or other color background?