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a painting of horses and jockeys in blue
an advertisement for roy and diz, with two people in white coats and red hats
David Stone Martin's Jazz Album Covers
Roy Eldridge Dizzy Gillespie "Roy and Diz" Clef Records MG C 671 12" LP Vinyl Record (1955) Album Cover Art by David Stone Martin Album
an orange and black poster with two men playing musical instruments in front of a red background
These 12 classic posters are a music-marketing time machine
Signs of the times: 12 classic music posters | Media - Ad Age
a drawing of a man sitting on top of a chair
David Stone Martin part 2
an orange and black painting with musical instruments
a person standing in front of a white wall with blue paint on it and a suitcase
a black and white logo with the letter c in it's center, on top of a textured background
black and white drawing of an abstract figure
America Martin
an abstract poster with black, green, blue, red and yellow letters on it
Braulio Amado
the silhouette of a person with their arms crossed in front of an image of sun beams
Something inside you wants to get out
a man with an arrow in his hand and the words let him know on it
Grzegorz Mycka - Polonia BICeBé 2015®
a poster with an image of a man bending over to pick up something out of the ground
Alejandro Magallanes